The UK events industry contributes £’s billions to the national economy.

The Events Industry Forum provides an informal organisation that brings together event industry trade associations and similar bodies to discuss issues of common interest. The Forum usually meets twice a year.

Other than an elected Chairman and Secretary, the organisation has no formal structure or role, although from time-to-time it may act to represent its member bodies in respect of issues where there is a unilateral and common interest.

Current officers of the Forum are:

  1. Chairman – Steve Heap (Association of Festival Organisers – 01629 827014)
  2. Secretary - Jim Winship (The Event Services Association – 07850 104034)


‘Membership’ of the Forum is only open to trade and similar organisations who are involved in representing the UK event industry or influencing the industry through training/education.

There is no formal membership fee. Organisations are asked to each pay £50 upon joining – and annually thereafter - as a contribution towards running costs. Those making a contribution to the running of the EIF can attend meetings and will receive all mailings. Others can attend meetings only by invitation and may be asked to pay a fee.

Member organisations are listed to the right – you can click on the organisation’s name to find out more about them.

The Forum recognised Mick Upton, who died in 2017, as an honorary member for his contribution to the industry and to the founding of the Forum.

The Event Safety (Purple) Guide

The Events Industry Forum publishes the ‘Purple Guide’, which aims to provide guidance to help those who organise music or similar events run them safely. The Forum took over publication of the Guide from the Health & Safety Executive in 2013 and set up a separate limited company – EIF Limited – to manage the publication. After covering administration costs, all income generated by sales of the Purple Guide are reinvested in the industry through grants.

The Purple Guide is updated regularly and revisions to chapters are made available to subscribers as they are completed. Subscribers are automatically notified when revisions are made and receive these free as part of their annual subscription.

The Guide can be found on its own website at

Purple Guide Grants

The Forum regularly invites applications for grant applications. Grant applications can be made from any organisation or individual involved in the industry, but projects must have a clear benefit for the events industry generally.

Grants so far made include:

All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

The Forum has been instrumental in setting up an all-party group made up of Members of Parliament and the House of Lords. Members of the group generally have a particular interest in the events industry and are prepared to represent the events industry’s interests in Parliament.

If you have any issues you would like to make the Group aware of, or you would like to invite an MP or member of the House of Lords to an event, please contact EIF Secretary Jim Winship –

EIF Meetings

The Forum provides an opportunity twice a year for organisations to discuss topics of common interest.   Minutes from meetings can be seen by clicking the links below.

  1. October 2014 (Word)
  2. March 2015 (Word)
  3. November 2015 (Word)
  4. March 2016 (Word)
  5. November 2016 (Word)
  6. March 2017 (Word)
  7. November 2018 (Word)

Topics covered by the Forum range across the spectrum of issues affecting the events industry in the UK, from sustainability and education to policing and licensing. Major issues covered recently include moves by the Valuation Office to charge greenfield venue sites business rates and moves to increase levies on events by the Performing Right Society.

If you have any issues you would like to have taken up by the Forum, please send them in writing – preferably by email – to the Secretary Jim Winship –